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At Gernep, we’ve honed our skills for over 35 years, specializing in crafting labeling machines that set industry standards for precision and functionality. Our high-quality equipment plays a vital role in enhancing brand appeal and recognition.


What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to innovation. We are constantly exploring new horizons to ensure our solutions evolve with your needs. Our dedicated team works closely with you to develop tailored labeling solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

gernep labeling systems - labeling applicators and machines manufacturer

Gernep is a premier rotary label manufacturer boasting a legacy of 35 years of excellence. With HQ in the heart of Bavaria and offices in Quebec, Canada, our passionate team of over 100 skilled individuals diligently craft bespoke labelers tailored to each customer’s exacting requirements.

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Embrace efficiency and precision with our comprehensive suite of Consultative, Project Drafting, Construction, and System Integration services. Elevate your labeling process thanks to machines designed with the foresight to adapt to future labeling demands without compromising cost-effectiveness.

Rotary Labeling Systems & Applicators

Customized labeling technology and precision applicators to suit your unique industry needs.

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Pressure Sensitive Labeling


Pressure-Sensitive applicators – the ultimate, cost-effective solution for labeling containers of all shapes and sizes. Discover the endless possibilities of customizable labeling materials and graphic options, including shape, size, and finish.

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Hot Melt Cut & Stack Labeling


Hot Melt Cut & Stack applicators – specialized contact-free hot gluing for the wrap-around application of pre-cut paper, film, or foil labels. Experience low glue consumption and low-level machine soiling for easy daily upkeep.

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Cold Glue Cut & Stack Labeling


The ultimate solution for front, shoulder, neck ring labels and tamper-evident seals in humid environments and on wet container surfaces. Experience precision wraps and various gluing patterns with easy clean-up and reduced waste.

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Hot Melt Roll Fed Labeling


Hot Melt Roll Fed applicators – Synchronized table & roller unit for maximum wrap labeling accuracy. Experience ultra-accurate hot melt application for accelerated production times, reduced clean-up, and waste.