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5 Label Designs We Are Obsessed With

5 Label Designs We Are Obsessed With

5 Label Designs We Are Obsessed With

Label Designs & Branding

We love providing brands worldwide with the means to efficiently brand label their products. Labeling is a strategy that offers recognizability and conveys essential product information to the consumer.

They reveal a product’s distinguishing features and often say a lot about its status. We enjoy seeing the amount of creativity & artistry that goes into differentiation, so we thought we’d share the top 5 Labels we are obsessed with right now.

Wine Label

De Bandera Wine Label

We truly enjoyed the unique interactive aspect of this perforated yellow label from De Bandera wine which has pull-away strips revealing the Catalanoian flag from the Spanish flag in this abstract interpretation. You can find this politically charged label in and around Barcelona.

Beer Label

Cervezeria Sagrada’s Beer Labels

We were enchanted by this Mexican craft beer’s use of kitschy labeling to stand out in a crowd. The use of the die-cut label shaped like a traditional 1950’s luchador mask makes it unmistakably Mexican. The design is an ingenious way to promote the country’s history. The bold & colorful designs take us ringside, ready to cheer on our favorite wrestler and guzzle down sudsy cerveza.

Cordial Label

Elderbrook Cordial Labels

We couldn’t help but stop and take notice of this brand marketing themselves by what they aren’t. These beverages comically call out the wild claims that most over-sugary soft drink makers push. The sugar-free beverage labels themselves have a light, funny, and candy-like feel due to their beautifully colored artwork illustrated by NYC. They look so sweet you’d never guess they were sugar-free!!

Juice Label

Oracle Organic Juice Label

We could nearly taste the freshness of these organic juices with our eyes. The minimalist design and no-label-look achieved with the transparent label allow the actual product to entice the client. It is a clever way for this organic beverage to show the natural color of the fruit juice, which works skillfully to contrast with the overlaid pure white branding.

Honey Label

Tan Ren Tan Honey Label

We appreciate the way this label invokes memories of drizzling honey over our favorite desserts and the anticipation of the sweet taste. The use of the cutout in the label is unexpected and works wonderfully well at expressing the nature of the substance in the jar. It breaks the rules some labeling rules, but the finished look makes it worth the extra effort.

Labeling & Branding is Serious Business

Customer awareness and loyalty result from a more memorable or compelling label. They are meant to grab consumers’ attention & inform them about your product, its recommended usage, and may even include warnings. They are definitely not to be taken lightly!

Here at GERNEP, our whole team understands why label application needs to be nothing less than perfect. Every day, new label ideas & challenges come up – but we arrive ready to face new challenges with enthusiasm. We partner with our clients to make sure that each application is exactly as it should be so that their product goes out looking its best!