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Rotary Labeling Systems & Applicators

GERNEP – custom designed labeling machines for beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemical and cosmetics

About us

The name GERNEP is a byword for decades of experience,
innovative spirit and perfect machine engineering

gernep labeling systems - labeling applicators and machines manufacturer

More than Labeling

For more than 35 years, GERNEP  has developed and manufactured labeling machines that set the standards for functionality and precision. Our high-quality equipment contributes to the attraction and recognition of brands from various beverage, food, consumer healthcare, and non-food industries. 

labeling equipment supplier - labeler manufacturer

“Made in Germany” seal of quality

Our reputed craftsmanship is due to constant exploration of new methods and continuous innovation. Our team builds strong relationships with clients to better plan, build, and execute solutions that meet or exceed their needs. Our customizable and expandable solutions also secure future investment value.

Type of applications

Bottle shapes

GERNEP – tailor-made labeling machines for beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals for over 35 years.
Our team is specialized in developing and constructing customized labeling solutions.

Reliabile, functional, and flexibile machinery handling various glass, plastic, or metal containers, and a wide array of contour containers – to suit your unique industry needs.

Gernep specializes in the manufacture of wrap-around labelers using various labeling technologies depending on the application. We focus exclusively on rotary labelers, which transfer the bottles or containers onto a rotary turret to handle label application positively.


Our labelers efficiently manage single wrap labeling or multiple label application to one bottle. For example, glass beer bottles often consist of a body wrap label and a neck label. Our rotary labelers regulate the bottle’s orientation for the exact positioning of each separate label.

Gernep incorporates different labeling technologies to manufacture their front-and-back labelers. Our rotary labelers come equipped with pressure-sensitive, hot glue, or cold glue applicators; a combination of technologies is also possible.


Our rotary labelers are skillful at double-label application, and they achieve this with a quick 180⁰ rotation between each application. Bottles are held between a bottle plate and a centering bell while traveling through the rotary turret. Each course is controlled mechanically or electronically, with cams and steering crosses or with servo motors.

Gernep manufactures 3, 4, or 5-panel labelers using distinct labeling technologies depending on application requirements. The rotary labelers efficiently transfer bottles or containers to a rotary turret for positive handling during label application.


Multi-panel labeling, also referred to as 3, 4, or 5-panel labeling, is a single label application to multiple sides of a square, rectangular, or triangular-shaped bottle. Vicks® NyQuil™ bottles are a great example of 3-panel labeling. Edible oils are also commonly packaged in a square-shaped container with 4-panel labeling, also referred to wrap-around. 5-panel labeling may sound odd, but it relates to a particular label application where both label edges will meet in the center of a bottle panel.

Labeling Machines

Specialised to a particular gluing system or variably combined on different labeling systems:
We provide made-to-measure equipment solutions
Gernep Soluta Pressure-Sensitive Labeler


For pressure-sensitive labels from a roll.
The Soluta can be upgraded to include other gluing aggregates.

Gernep Roll Fed Hot Melt Labeling Machine


For hot melt wrap-around labeling with label rolls.
The Rollfed can be upgraded to include other gluing aggregates.

Gernep Rollina Cut & Stack Labeler


For hot melt wrap-around labeling with labels from the magazine.
The Rollina can be upgraded to include other gluing aggregates.

Gernep Labetta Cold Glue Labeler


For universal cold glue labeling with high-end technology.
The Labetta can be upgraded to include other gluing aggregates.

Combined Labeler


Customize your unique rotary labeler with any combination of gluing aggregates on up to 8 stations.

Special Attachments

Our additional equipment – can be set up in a modular and flexible way for all equipment and control requirements
Bottle plate control system - tamper evident labeling

Bottle plate control system.

Camera-Based Container Orientation

Camera-based container orientation

Clamping star

Non-stop function with self-adhesive labelling - tamper evident labels

Non-stop function with self-adhesive labelling

Camera-based label monitoring - labeling machines

Camera-based label monitoring

Mechanical alignment of clip-lock bottles


Gernep Labeling Systems & Applicators – Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machines, Cold & Hot Glue Labelers