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Learn about Gernep, a leading provider of advanced labeling solutions. Discover our innovative labeling machines and technologies designed to meet diverse industrial needs. Explore our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at Gernep Labeling.
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Gernep is a leading manufacturer of rotary labelers and has been for the past 35 years. Headquartered in Bavaria, South Germany, our dedicated, highly skilled team of over 100 employees proudly works every day to produce exceptional customized labelers to meet customers’ specific needs. Our wet glue, hot glue, and self-adhesive labeling concepts offer reliability, efficiency, and compliance with the high technical standards required for many industries. Covering all aspects of labeling makes us one of the world’s leading rotary labeling machine manufacturers.


Focusing exclusively on designing, manufacturing, and servicing labeling systems has helped Gernep stay ahead of the competition in the fields of technology, innovation, and reliability. While rotary labelers are the main focus, it is far from the only factor contributing to an optimal bottling line: user-friendly operation, quick changeovers, versatility, easy maintenance, and production uptime are core preoccupations.


Labeling system services

The Gernep portfolio includes rotary labelers for cold glue cut & stack labelshot glue cut & stack labelspressure-sensitive labels, and rollfed hot melt labels. Our solutions offer the flexibility needed to meet future labeling requirements while remaining cost-effective.


For ultimate versatility, it is possible to combine any of these labeling technologies and integrate aggregates for tamper-evident labeling, tax strip labeling, and foil labeling (under or over cap) for various bottle sizes and shapes to meet your production requirements.

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Project Drafting

Our efficient development team members find an ideal solution for every planning requirement, and with over 35 years of experience in planning labeling systems, we ensure maximum investment security. We provide quick and uncomplicated advice on-site and investigate solutions for your personalized system on state-of-the-art CAD systems. With Gernep, you receive ongoing creative and professional support in all critical planning phases.

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Our consulting and performance range is not limited to new systems. We use our three-decade-long experience to propel system expansions, modernizations, or economic and energy updates for existing systems. We partner with our clients to offer individual, tailor-made solutions that ideally combine investment, efficiency, and energy efficiency.

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GERNEP machinery typically features rational modular construction, variability in the structure of the labeling units, and the option of flexible extensions in respect of subsequent labeling requirements in every construction. Developing customer-centric labeling machines allows maximum performance and precision while permitting rational upgrading to align with changing needs. Our machinery reflects the latest technological innovation through continuous advancement.

System integration

As a competent service partner, we are not satisfied with merely setting up and assembling on site. If necessary or requested, we also deal with integrating our machinery to existing systems, whether it be controlling or the shipping agents’ activities concerning our labeling machines. We incorporate the planning of necessary leads and processes of the shipping agents and ensure that the automatic control is perfect in all performance areas.


Gernep Automatic Label Applicators