Tamper-Evident Labeling for various industries solutions
Tamper-evident labeling ensures that it is apparent to consumers if purchased goods have been interfered with. It is important to be familiar with laws and regulations that apply to your application in order to select your rotary labeler correctly.
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Tamper-Evident Labels

What is a tamper-evident label, and why do we need them?

Simply put a tamper-evident label is a safety, it ensures that it is apparent to consumers if the contents of purchased goods have been interfered with. It is unmistakable, you cannot unseal a label without leaving an apparent trace. This is precisely why they are required by both the Canadian and American Food Inspection Agencies (CFIA and FDA) in North America for various consumable items. 


Tampering can affect the product or its shelf life, among other things, so tamper-evident labels and seals are prominent in today’s market. For example, the food and beverage industry faces numerous challenges such as traceability, food quality, and quickly recalling faulty or tainted products. When taken into consideration, complying with governmental safety standards is just par for the course.


While there are many reasons that product tampering may occur, ranging from pranking to terrorism, sealing the end product adds to the relationship of trust that you have worked hard to build with your customers. And though it may seem a tedious operation, automated labeling processes like the ones offered by Gernep may be well worth your while. 



Tamper-Evident Labeling Solutions

We provide tamper-evident labeling solutions for various industries such as food and beverage, chemical products like cleaning and laundry detergents, cosmetics, and over-the-counter drugs. 


Your packaging information & production rates will help us determine the best solution(s) available for your particular operations. It is possible to apply tamper-evident labeling to a variety of packaging such as gable-top packaging, jars, canisters, boxes (cardboard, metal, plastic), and sleeves, to name a few. You will unquestionably want to consider your packaging design when planning for labeling. We recommend one or more pressure sensitive label applicators depending on your requirements.


While certain products are regulated, the seals applied to particular products may also be. It is imperative to know if the product and seal are regulated by provincial or national laws. For example excise tax stamps are regulatory for wines and spirits. For information on product safety laws, consult the Consumer Product Safety Acts and Regulations or Food Packaging Regulations in your country, state, or province.

Applying Tamper-Evident Labels

Tamper-evident labeling systems use multiple technologies ranging from what the industry refers to as Pressure Sensitive Labelers to Cold Glue Labelers. To determine the appropriate type of one or many applicators and the ideal positioning for each applicator head, we first need to know the container type, the desired label positioning, and orientation, and even required alignment with embossings or other decorative elements.


The varied dimensions and types of applications of tamper-evident labeling (L-Shape application, or a U-Shape) for food and beverage, chemical products like cleaning and laundry detergents, cosmetics, and over-the-counter drugs can be complex and delicate. A great deal of design expertise is necessary for the systems to perform with the precision expected in a great labeler. With our decades of experience and innovative spirit, we deliver business-wise machines and expandable solutions which ensure investment value.


Our Pressure Sensitive machinery includes sled-mounted label applicators to enhance efficiency and diminish downtimes for the changing and refiling labeling materials. The HMI (human-computer interaction) allows for easy setup and adjustment, while the PLC-controlled (programmable logic controller) servo drives ensure the highest precision label application.


In sum, the product transits to the labeling machine via a conveyor chain and infeed screw system, then to the infeed star wheel and transferred onto the rotating carousel before being fixed between the container plates and centering bells. While the containers proceed on their way to the machine carrousel, the automatic and servo-driven label applicator transports the continuous back paper with already pre-cut labels from the roll towards the peel plate, where the labels are dispensed onto the products. At last, rollers secure the label over the edge of the container to guarantee adherence, and voilà! The end product is perfectly tamper-proof.


Our Cold Gluing system covers all standard requirements for glass and PET containers for a variety of industries. Constructed with stainless steel glue rollers, rubberized and adjustable glue palettes, a divided glue scraper knife with glue-saving for glue thickness fine-tuning, an overlay gearbox for exact label positioning, and a divided cam system, our machinery is unique in the category. It handles different label shapes and applies each with accuracy to dry or wet bottles and jars using magazine combinations or magazine replacement.


We provide specialized experience in developing and constructing systems that ultimately improve operations and strengthen brand reputation.


Need advice on planning tamper-evident or excise tax labeling operations? We would be delighted to assist you. Contact us directly or drop us a line!