Tax stamp labeling for wine and spirits bottles | Gernep Labeling
Discover efficient tax stamp labeling solutions for wine and spirits packaging with Gernep's advanced machinery. Explore how our innovative cold glue labeling technology streamlines excise tax compliance and enhances bottle orientation for seamless operations in the beverage industry.
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Tax label applicator for wine and spirit bottles

Applying tax stamps to wine and spirits bottles is a crucial step in selling alcoholic beverages across state borders. It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and helps track the movement of these products.


Headquartered Bavaria, Germany, Gernep has been a trusted provider of labeling solutions for over thirty years. While they’ve primarily served breweries, their expertise extends to wineries and distilleries worldwide. As customer needs evolve alongside advancements in bottling line speeds and tax label application challenges, Gernep remains dedicated to providing effective solutions. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is unwavering, ensuring you can rely on us for all your labeling needs.


Most excise tax labels are delivered in stacks without adhesive, and if you have ever experienced manual excise stamp application excise tax stamps by hand, you know how tedious and inefficient it can be! Automated Labeling machinery is a fundamental aspect of  commercial wines and spirit production.


Cold Glue Labelers, also known as cut & stack cold glue labelers, have revolutionized this task. These machines use a magazine to hold the labels, with glue pallets and grippers transferring them onto bottles. Despite its similarity to labeling beer bottles, applying excise tax labels for wine and spirits presents unique challenges due to their slender and elongated dimensions.


The slim and elongated shape of excise tax labels for wine and spirit bottles demands skilled design expertise to ensure seamless performance of the labeling system. Different regions and market segments may require various label applications, including side, L-shape, or U-shape. While side labeling is relatively simple, U-shape labeling presents more complexity.

Tax label applicator for wine and spirit bottles

L-Shape Excise Tax Labeler


As observed in the video, the pre-cut tax labels are initially stacked in the magazine. The labeling station, comprising a mechanically synchronized arrangement of glue pallets and grippers/sponges, efficiently retrieves the label from the magazine, applies glue, and transfers it to the bottleneck. Throughout the labeling process on our rotary labeling machine, bottles are securely held between a bottle plate and a centering bell on the carousel. Since the L-Shape excise tax label must cover the cap’s top, a portion remains detached while on the carousel. The application of this cap-covering portion is managed by a specialized outfeed starwheel equipped with rollers. Finally, the completed bottles are released onto the conveyor for downstream case packing.



U-Shape Excise Tax Labeler


A different application method is necessary for these longer labels, which cover both the top and sides of the cap. The cut & stack labels are retrieved from the label magazine in the same manner as other labels but are initially applied only to one side of the bottle. The extended portion of the label, held by vacuum on the first carousel, is then transferred to a second carousel. Here, the remaining part of the label receives glue, and a specialized clamping device descends to affix the label to the top and side of the bottles.


All steps are meticulously synchronized mechanically. If a faster bottling line is required, the tax labeling machine must feature larger carousels and starwheels to ensure smooth operation by allowing more time for the processes to run seamlessly.



Bottle orientation


Gernep’s machinery offers bottle orientation capabilities for precise label positioning, ensuring every label is applied accurately. Whether through mechanical notches or optical sensors, our advanced systems guarantee the perfect alignment of your labels. Even complex orientations, such as embossings, are achieved flawlessly using our state-of-the-art camera systems.


Understanding that tax label application isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution is essential. Each machine is meticulously designed and built according to technical expertise and customer specifications.

While tax labeling systems are just one aspect of Gernep’s portfolio, we offer a wide range of labeling solutions for wine, spirits, and liquor. Our strength lies in customization, allowing for maximum versatility. We can combine different labeling technologies on the same machine frame, adapting to your unique labeling needs and ensuring the perfect fit for your business. With Gernep, you can be confident that your unique requirements will be met.


We hope this overview helps you plan your tax labeling operations. If you’re considering a labeling project, we look forward to assisting you every step of the way. Our customer support and service team is always available to answer your questions, provide maintenance, and ensure your labeling operations run smoothly.