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Explore cutting-edge labeling solutions for cannabis packaging, focusing on tax stamp compliance. Discover how Gernep's advanced technology and industry expertise offer efficient, cost-effective options for applying excise stamps and ensuring regulatory compliance across various cannabis product packaging.
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Excise Stamp Labeling for Cannabis Products

The cannabis industry is continually evolving, yet the challenges of implementing automation in packaging and labeling for the cannabis industry mirror those found in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Automating the packaging and labeling processes not only boosts production rates and cuts costs for cannabis producers but also sharpens their competitive edge. With the relatively new status of cannabis legalization, many businesses are still finding their footing in establishing efficient, automated systems for cannabis packaging and excise stamp labeling. Fortunately, automation experts are stepping in to guide these companies through the challenges, particularly in rapidly scaling production to meet demand, ensuring full compliance with evolving cannabis labeling regulations.


In the specific context of a cannabis flower jar filling lines, the initial introduction of automation in this sector presented a unique challenge due to the delicate and lightweight nature of cannabis buds. Despite this, solutions for each critical step are now readily available, demonstrating the adaptability of packaging technology to cannabis-specific needs. Standard equipment such as bottle unscramblers, cappers, induction sealers, labelers, and cartoners equipped to handle cannabis product specificities are backed by Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs’) extensive experience in adhering to strict product standards and fulfilling specific cutomer & industry demands.

Implementing accurate and compliant labeling, including excise stamp labeling for cannabis products, presents a complex challenge that Gernep Rotary Labelers are uniquely equipped to solve. The logistical hurdles associated with tax stamp application pose significant difficulties for cannabis producers. The high cost of labels, coupled with strict regulations requiring producers to maintain records of damaged or wasted labels, means that any mistakes in the labeling process can result in substantial fines or even the revocation of licenses. The size of tax stamps further complicates manual labeling efforts, making precise placement a daunting task. However, with Gernep’s machinery, you can achieve consistently accurate positioning at medium to high speeds, significantly improving the efficiency of your labeling process. Additionally, it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with label verification systems, inkjet printers, or coders for adding variable information, and features rejection chutes to reclaim any jars with inaccurately placed or missing labels.


Gernep’s team of skilled labeling machine engineers, equipped with extensive expertise, is ready to tackle any labeling challenge. This assurance ensures that cannabis producers can effectively plan for current and future labeling needs right from the onset of their projects. Our dedicated technical service team, backed by this expertise, stands ready to provide comprehensive support, from scheduled maintenance to addressing any technical issues that may occur during or after the installation of your labeling equipment.

Tax Stamps –  Labeling Cannabis Products



The variety of packaging types we encounter in the cannabis industry necessitates a flexible and precise approach to applying excise stamps. Despite the uniform requirement for tax stamps across all packaging types, the application method varies significantly to ensure compliance and functionality. For bottles and jars, the tax stamp must span both the cap and the body, providing a secure seal that doubles as tamper evidence. Carton packages demand a specialized “L-Shape” label application, covering both the top and side of the packaging to meet regulatory standards. When it comes to filled and sealed pouches, the placement of tax stamps is equally strategic, positioned near the tear notch and above the childproof zipper to maintain child resistance and tamper visibility.

The effectiveness of these labels, mainly as tamper-evident features, hinges on the adhesive’s high tack across the entire label and the precision of placement. This requirement underscores the importance of choosing labeling solutions that can adapt to the diverse packaging forms in the cannabis sector while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory mandates. Accurate application fulfills legal requirements and reinforces consumer trust through visible tamper-evidence and product integrity measures.




Licensed Producers LPs can have Cannabis excise stamp labelers seamlessly integrated into the production process or installed separately as a stand-alone machine. In-line labeling means incorporating the tax stamp application directly within the main production flow, allowing cannabis products to be fully packaged, labeled with tax stamps, and ready for shipment immediately after bottling. This integration streamlines the production process, ensuring products leave the line retail-ready. However, recognizing the varied strategies of LPs, some prefer to apply excise tax stamps post-production. For these scenarios, Our rotary labelers may be installed either way.


With Gernep’s advanced combination labelers, you can enhance your production efficiency and accuracy. These systems can apply both the primary product label and the cannabis tax stamp within a single machine framework. They can even incorporate coders to imprint variable information directly on the main label. An integrated vision system ensures the accuracy of this information and the presence of labels on the bottles, maintaining compliance and quality assurance.


In scenarios where off-line labeling is preferred, Gernep’s technology includes advanced orientation capabilities. This process typically involves the use of cameras to identify the position of the main body label, allowing for the strategic application of the tax stamp in a predetermined location on the bottle. Additional sensors or cameras are employed to verify the correct application of tax stamps on jars or bottles, with any products not meeting standards being automatically rejected, ensuring only compliant products make it to market.



Cannabis tax stamps, crucial for compliance within the cannabis industry, are supplied as pre-cut stacks without adhesive and LP’s must outsource the application of glue and their integration into a label roll for use with pressure-sensitive labeling machines. High production volumes in cannabis packaging and labeling can lead to significant savings on labeling costs. However, the application of “dry” stamps with our Cold Glue Labeler or application of pre-glues labeles with our Pressure-Sensitive Labelers will somewhat impact operational decisions.


Gernep’s unique advantage stems from its substantial experience in the beer industry, one of the largest sectors using pre-cut paper labels without adhesive, also known as cut & stack labels in North America. This background positions Gernep uniquely when dealing with non-glued pre-cut tax stamps for cannabis products, which, while similar to beer labels, have their distinct requirements and necessitate specialized attachments for perfect application.


Gernep’s mastery over cold glue, hot melt, and pressure-sensitive labeling technologies, enriched by hands-on experience across various industries, renders it an unparalleled ally for your cannabis labeling projects. We are not just ready, but eager to examine your specific product needs closely and recommend the most efficient, cost-effective labeling solutions, ensuring compliance and enhancing packaging efficiency.

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