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Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Chemical products and cleaners are often produced in dusty or moist environments, which makes labeling and adequate adhesion to the surfaces of the container a challenge. With a wide array of requirements, stringent labeling regulations to abide by, and production lines that often run around the clock, labeling systems must be up-to-par to avoid interruptions and costly errors. 


Gernep offers quality, durable labeling machinery to meet the strict standards of the chemical industry. Additionally, all Gernep machinery provides the flexibility to mount multiple label applicators and special attachments to respect all equipment and control requirements. Our systems also ensure correct alignment to avoid spiral misalignment (also called skew label) and result in perfectly labeled products.


Our modular and flexible machine designs are ideal for chemical manufacturers labeling a wide array of products in multiple container dimensions. Our compact, ergonomic design can be integrated easily into most production facilities. Gernep also offers retrofit services to update your aging labeling machinery.

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