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Butcombe Brewery Trust Gernep Machinery

Butecombe Brewery

Butcombe Brewery Trust Gernep Machinery

Butcombe Brewery Single Out State-of-the-Art Labeler

Butcombe Brewery has been craft brewing before it was even a thing, and in their 43 years of business, they have remained Avant-guard while true to their Bristolian identity. They make a statement with every pint and remain at the forefront of the craft beer scene with their vibrant range of beers. Their product line includes Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale (IPA), cider, and lagers that continue to evolve with popular taste. From the very beginning, they have been creative about their product development, so flexibility and ultramodern thinking infuse every aspect of their business, from crafting new flavors to the application of the very last label that adorns their bottles.

“Gernep’s service stands out compared to their competitors … The team members are always available for any requests and work efficiently on solutions and improvements.”

Pressure-Sensitive Equipment

As most brewers in the UK, Butcombe Brewers favor empty container labelling, as self-adhesive labeling does not offer optimal adherence to humid or wet bottles. Gernep’s Soluta 10-640 3SK is the most popular machine from Gernep’s portfolio for the UK market and the right pressure-sensitive equipment to label an assortment of products in 30cl and 50cl longneck glass bottles with body, back, and neck ring labels made of foil.


Soluta Labeling Machine

The Soluta is designed for precision and ensures a visually flawless product. Butcombe Brewery’s Packaging Supervisor, Miles Hay was enthusiastic about the labelers performance and had this to say about it “Gernep has a solid reputation on the brewing scene. For our plant size and bottling volume, they were the obvious choice for new labeling equipment.” They are currently labeling at a rate of 12,000 bottles per hour, and since first commissioning the Soluta in 2018, they have labeled 10 million beers, which highlights not only the brewers success but also solidifies Gernep’s reputation for high-quality machinery.

Brewers in the United Kingdom have long understood that labels designed with appealing graphics and higher quality materials like glossy veneers and metallics have a huge impact on consumer purchases. With a split second to influence purchasers, brewers rely on their ability to dazzle consumers with the originality of their product and craftsmanship. Product differentiation is invaluable in brand promotion and minimizes waste, ultimately lowering costs for brewers producing batches.

Foolproof Labeling

Operating the pressure-sensitive labeling machinery is efficient and straightforward. The large, swiveling HMI on the machine and the smaller displays on the labeling stations themselves are intuitive. “The machine’s design facilitates new operators’ training,” says Hay with conviction. Soluta’s simplicity in design also permits operators to perform quick and effective toolless changeovers. Bottle and label changes are carried out swiftly, keeping downtimes at a minimum, particularly advantageous for brewers with a broad product portfolio like Butcombe’s.

With such intuitively operated machinery, employee turnover is indemnified quickly, and training times and costs are kept to a minimum. Gernep also offers training courses to instruct new employees on proper machine operation and troubleshooting. Gernep’s support teams are also available around the clock and around the world for additional support.

Regular Maintenance for Improved Service Life

Machine breakdowns are probably the worst thing during any brewery’s bottling operations. Regular maintenance is highly recommended to ensure top performance and long service life. Butcombe schedules annual maintenance to keep its labeling machinery running at optimal levels. As a result of regular exchanges with qualified Gernep technicians, the decision to rebuild the machinery and convert its existing three self-adhesive labeling stations to double reels was a breeze. The double reels installed on each labeling station increased the brewer’s production efficiency by shortening changeover times. “Gernep’s service stands out compared to their competitors, “says Miles Hayes. “The team members are always available for any requests and work efficiently on solutions and improvements.”

As a result, the Butcombe Brewery successfully bottled and labeled two million liters of beer in 2021! They aim to increase their volume in the future, and Gernep is proud to contribute to their and other brewers’ success stories.