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Gernep Soluta

About This Project



Hot melt wrap-around labelling from the magazine


This fully automatic rotary labeller has been specially designed for economical wrap-around labelling of containers made from glass, plastic and metal.


The hot melt labelling with pre-cut labels operates without complicated roller gluing.  The hot melt is applied to the container economically in spots using the GERNEP-HotSpot ­nozzle system, and the label is taken directly from the magazine. The end gluing takes place via a continuous vertical end gluing ledge.  With this rational and clean gluing technology you do not just save format parts, but reducing the amount of daily cleaning work to a minimum.

The advantages of ROLLINA


  • New GERNEP-HotSpot nozzle system for hot melt application onto the bottle with low glue consumption
  • Possibility of spiral or spot application for the start gluing, depending on the shape of the bottle and the label material
  • End gluing ledge for perfect gluing of the label overlap
  • The closed hot melt system prevents condensation from entering and avoids the continuous cooling and heating up of normal roller gluing systems
  • Robust, torsion resistant tripod for the nozzle system with adjusting scales for precise and repeatable glue application
  • Optimised brushing minimises spiral offset with long labels
  • No bottle – no label – no glue – automatic
Equipement options

Pressure-sensitive labels on round bottles