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Tips for Buying Used Labeling Equipment

Tips for Buying Used Labeling Equipment



There are many pieces of used labeling and packaging equipment available on the market. On the one hand, used machinery is enticing. It is available without much wait, and there are interesting savings to be made if compared with new equipment. On the other hand, it can create enormous stress on operations and generate unforeseen additional costs that leave a sour taste in your mouth.

So what should one consider to make a sound investment when purchasing used machinery anyways? There are a few key factors we advise examining before taking the plunge.


  • Cost Savings
  • Faster Implementaion
  • Trusted Performance
  • Felxibility & Scalability
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Availability & Selection
  • Older Technology
  • Uncertain Equipment History
  • Compatibility with Existing Equipment
  • Limited Warranty

Age Matters

Generally speaking, we advise looking into used labeling machines under 10 yrs old due to the normal deterioration of moving parts and servo motors that will be a few generations old at that point.

Older machines may require more maintenance and repairs due to wear and tear, but this can often times be addressed through refurbishing and customization which will affect the equipment’s overall efficiency and accuracy.


When purchasing used labeling or packaging machinery, contact the manufacturer to obtain the model & serial number. Request a complete history of usage, maintenance records and modifications performed on the equipment to get a good idea of potential issues and reliability.

Make sure you find out whether the unit was a standard model or if it was customized, and speak with them about your product requirements and whether this model is a good fit or provide details on modifications to meet your production needs.

Test Drive

The best-case scenario should always include having the opportunity to see and hear the used packaging equipment in action. Or, if possible, view recent footage of the machine in operation so it is possible to see the application it was initially intended for and how it compares with your current needs. Bonus if you can actually get your application tested on the machine before making the final purchase.


Available Immediately as is

Gernep Soluta 5-640 2SK

Rotary Labeling Machine for PS Labels

Currently set up for body label and tamper evident label application on glass jars of 75mm & 83mm diameters.

Currently running at 75 jars/min. at speeds of 75 jars /min.


    • Two (2) high-precision servo-driven label applicators
    • *Labeling units are mounted on rails to facilitate roll changes.
    • Touch screen PLC for easy recall of memorized parameters
    • Label detector for clear or opaque labels
    • Label roll detectors for end-of-roll notification
    • Tubular steel frame and stainless-steel lateral panels
    • Stainless steel electrical box


Customize and add options to suit your requirements!