Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine - ROLLINA Labeler
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Cut & Stack Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine


ROLLINA – Labeling System

Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine
Hot Glue Labeling From the Magazine


The Rollina delivers specialized contact-free hot gluing for the wrap-around application of pre-cut paper, film, or foil labels from the magazine. This labeling system offers optimized brushing to minimize spiral offset common when applying extended labels.


Gernep’s Rollina has the advantage of low glue consumption and low-level machine soiling for easier daily upkeep. The closed hot melt system ensures low energy consumption and fewer emissions. It prevents penetration of condensation due to a constant temperature compared to other gluing systems, which continually cool and reheat.


Autonomous dispensing unit with quiet running servo motors

Optional modular dispensing unit combinations

Easy positioning of the labels by 4/5-way setting

Manage multiple labeling positions

Intelligent label management and clamping system for label transfers

Non-stop labeling due to double roll alignment



Low Labeling Costs

Dry, damp, and wet bottle dispensing

Economical continuous operations

Continual production with simple label addition during operations


Hot Melt Labelers

Hot Melt is a polymer-based adhesive that is an excellent alternative to waterbased-glue because it is fast-acting and withstands humidity. This labeling technology has been the preferred method employed in bulk production that requires high output demands with a fast set speed and the ability to meet and maintain a high level of hygiene.


Holt Melt Labeling is especially appreciated in the cold food industries that need product packaging labels that adhere quickly and easily, conform to various types of packaging, and stay in place for the product’s life cycle. One of the greatest benefits of hot melt adhesives is that they deliver unmatched versatility for any temperature application – warm or cold.


Our specially designed automatic rotary labeler performs economical wrap-around labeling of glass, plastic, and metal containers.

Wrap around labeler - Hot Melt Melt Labeling Machine

Hot Melt Cut & Stack Labels

Hot melt can be employed with different label sources, either roll stock (from a roll) or cut & stack (from a magazine). Cut & stack labels are printed on large sheets in bulk and then cut to the desired format and stacked. They are ideal for labeling large volumes and are available on various materials. They are easy to load into the labeling machine’s magazine, and labels can be restocked continuously – without ever stopping the machine!

Cut & Stack labels offer flexibility and are cost-effective for large and mid-sized companies. They are used in a variety of industries and are typically applied by overlapping the label and gluing it to itself (wrap-around). However, they are sometimes glued directly to a bottle, like in the case of glass beer bottles. This type of labeling is frequently employed to label beers, beverages, food items, and household goods.


GERNEP-HotSpot nozzle system offers low glue consumption application to bottles or containers

Optimized brushing minimizes spiral offset commun with more extended labels

End gluing ledge for perfect pasting of the label overlap

Robust, torsion-resistant tripod and adjusting scales for precise & repeatable glue application from the nozzle system

Possibility of spiral or spot application for the start gluing, depending on bottle shape & labeling material

Our hot melt system prevents penetration of condensation and avoids the continuous cooling and reheating typical of other roller gluing systems

No bottle – no label – no glue – automatic

Low glue consumption

Hot Melt Nozzle
The Gernep HotSpot gluing system’s individual nozzle control results in a lower glue consumption. The nozzles are activated or deactivated according to label heights.

Exact wrap-around labeling

Hot Melt Cut & Stack
When labeling typical cylindrical containers, toothed belts manage the bottle plate rotation, effectively winding the labels around the bottle or container and glues down the edge. For the specific bottle plate rotations required with contoured container labeling, servo drives will substitute the belt drive.


Combination Hot Melt and PS labeling system

Our explicitly designed fully automatic labeler enables the economical wrap-around labeling of glass, plastic, and metal containers.


Due to its modern and operator-friendly circular design, the ROLLINA can operate hot melt labeling from the magazine. The Rollina-R is a combined thechnology labeling system and comes equipped with other aggregates for pressure-sensitive and/or cold glue labeling.

Hot Melt Glue Labeler


Autonomous dispensing unit with quiet running servo motors

Optional modular dispensing unit combinations

Easy positioning of the labels by 4/5-way setting

Manage multiple labeling positions

Performance range

The performance and configuration of our labeling machines are customizable and adjustable to conform to the individual requirements of specific industries and applications.

Equipment options

Optionally, this labeling system allows combinations with one or multiple wet glue labeling and/or pressure-sensitive labeling units.

Additional equipment

All Gernep machinery provides the flexibility to add container orientation systems and supplemental labeling. Labeling control can be set at the planning stage or retrofitted.


Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine – ROLLINA Labeler