Sticker Labeling Machine | Hot Melt Rollfed Labels
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Hot Melt Labeling Machine


ROLLFED – Labeling System

Hot Melt Labeling Machine
Hot melt wrap-around labelling from the roll


The Rollfed executes precise wrap-around container labeling with many different designs set standards, and the label is applied directly to the sprayed surface, solidifying on contact. The ultra-accurate hot melt application provides accelerated production times, reduced clean-up, and waste. The Spray Nozzle system also saves on the cost of adhesives.


Gernep’s Rollfed is advantageous due to its patented overlay gearbox allowing for label adjustments without machine interruption. This system’s mechanical coupling synchronizes the table & roller unit for maximum labeling accuracy. Automatic splicers or roll holders are also available for extended uninterrupted operation.


Patented overlay gearbox for label adjustments without machine interruption

Paper and foil label processing capability

New GERNEP HotSpot nozzle system for hot melt applications

Controllable & adjustable start-gluing as spot-application

Variable control & adjustment of end-gluing with end-gluing ledge or spot-application

Avoid continuous cooling & reheating that causes condensation in standard roller gluing systems du to the closed hot melt system.

Robust torsion-resistant Rollfed aggregate tripod with adjustable scales for precise & repeatable aggregate/label positioning

Mechanical coupling synchronizes bottle table & roller unit

No bottle – no label – no glue – automatic

Optimized brushing minimizes spiral offset of longer labels

Radially adjustable machine hood for container tolerance compensation

PLC controlled servo drive feeds label material for maximum labeling accuracy

Automatic splicer or additional roll holder for extended or uninterrupted operation (optional)


Hot Glue Labelers

Hot Melt is a polymer-based adhesive that is an excellent alternative to waterbased-glue because it is fast-acting and withstands humidity. This labeling technology has been the preferred method employed in bulk production that requires high output demands with a fast set speed and the ability to meet and maintain a high level of hygiene.


Holt Melt Labeling is especially appreciated in the cold food industries that need product packaging labels that adhere quickly and easily, conform to various types of packaging, and stay in place for the product’s life cycle. One of the greatest benefits of hot melt adhesives is that they deliver unmatched versatility for any temperature application – warm or cold.

Rollina Hot Melt

Hot Glue Rollfed Labels

The term “roll-fed” illustrates the type of label and the way it is fed into the labeling machine. It describes the label as a substrate made of film or paper on a continuous roll without a liner or adhesive pre-applied. A desirable side effect of using hot melt roll-fed labels is reducing waste and promoting high application rates. Labeling machinery cuts the film into individual labels as it is dispensed for each container, then adds an adhesive as the label wraps around it. Roll-fed labels use fewer materials in the application process, and the cost difference is noticeable with any production size but gets more substantial with larger production runs.


The greatest advantage of this type of labeling is that packaging is appealing on every side; 360-degree coverage may provide that extra visual impact to attract customers. Label rolls can be prepared in full color and even enhanced flexographic printing.

Roll-Fed Label Rolls


Self-Contained hot glue system

Economical continuous operation

Low energy consumption

Compatible for paper and foil labels

Rollfed Aggregate
ROLLFED glue management system


The hot melt aggregate is autonomous. All functions such as heating zones, glue temperatures, and glue dosing are pre-programmable and reliably illustrated via displays.
Exact cutting


The label is fixed to the cutting drum using vacuum, it is accurately cut, and transferred on the vacuum-transfer drum for gluing and forwarding to the container.
Label transfer


Precise label transfer occurs through perfect synchronization between the vacuum transfer drum and the bottle table.

Contact-free GERNEP gluing

The GERNEP HotSpot nozzle system uses spot-spraying the beginning and end of the label before application to containers ensuring minimal glue waste and secure label adhesion.

Additional equipment

Because of our flexible machine system, additional equipment for particular container orientation, supplemental labeling, and label control can be considered at the planning stage or retrofitted.

Equipment options

Hot melt labelling from the roll.
The cutting drum prepares and transfers the label to a vacuum drum. Gluing takes place using the GERNEP-HotSpot nozzle system. Depending on requirements, start and end gluing occur in spots or with the end gluing ledge on the label.

Performance range

Our labeling solutions include standard machines and customized individual solutions with performances and configurations adapted to client requirements.

Combined Labeling Machine


Hot Melt & Pressure Sensitive Labeling System

Our explicitly designed fully automatic labeler enables the economical wrap-around labeling of glass, plastic, and metal containers.


Due to its modern and operator-friendly circular design, the ROLLINA can operate hot melt labeling from the magazine. The Rollina-R is a combined thechnology labeling system and comes equipped with other aggregates for pressure-sensitive and/or cold glue labeling.

Rollina Hot Melt