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Dimachem has been providing chemical solutions for various applications since 1972. A recent expansion led to the acquisition of a rotary hot melt labeling machine to complete a packaging line dedicated to producing a new line of disinfectants.
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On a Roll Thanks to a New Labeling Machine

On a Roll Thanks to a New Labeling Machine

New Labeling Machinery at Dimachem

Dimachem Inc. is a Windsor-based chemical blending and packaging manufacturer founded in 1972 producing industrial chemicals for the auto industry, as well as cleaning and sanitation products. All developed to meet the highest professional quality and safety standards – you have probably already used a cleaning agent produced or packaged by their team before and just now know it!

The Canadian-owned company made the acquisition of a Hot Glue Rotary labeller as part of a 5 million dollar project to build a new packaging line capable of packaging a million bottles of Multi-Surface Cleaner & disinfectant a month. With Federal and Provincial government support for the project since the Clorox, Pine-Sol is a DIN registered product and proven to be effective in killing SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID 19.

A New Production Line with Non-Stop Labeling

With a multi-year toll manufacturing contract with The Clorox Company to manufacture 12 million bottles of Pine-Sol per year, Dimachem needed to establish a new production line and modify its facility in Windsor to make the product in-house. Numerous pieces of machinery went into the new line. Each would allow them to perform automated tasks from producing their own PET bottles to filling, capping, labeling, case packing and  palletizing. 

Among the filling, packaging and labeling solutions Dimachem was considering, they opted for the Gernep Rollina Hot Melt Cut & Stack Rotary Labeler with a cruising speed of 24 bottles/min. Their choice rested on the German equipment because of its flexibility, non-stop labeling, quick changeovers and easy cleanup. Along with unquestionable reliability and ease of use, the support provided through the reputed OEM means guaranteed top quality performance. Mr Conaway, Dimachem‘s Vice President has said as much himself: “The Gernep Cut & Stack Hot Melt Labeler has been one of the best pieces of equipment we purchased for our new line. It has been reliable, well built, and the support has been strong.”

Since implementing the rotary labeler a little over 3 months have passed – enough time to really get into the swing of things. Dimachem has gone from operating its line on one to three shifts. Mixing, bottling and labeling an amazing 1.2 million bottles of Pine-Sol all distributed in Canada.

Hot Melt Adhesives for Labeling

There are various grades of adhesives labeling foods and other consumer goods. Technomelt amber EM 396C hot melt adhesive is a good choice, compatible with glass, pet, polyethylene and pvc. This particular selection provides increased adhesion and a wide operating range – a good fit for their operations.

On a hot-melt cut & stack rotary labeler like Gernep’s Rollina, the initial glue application is  sprayed to the passing container as a series of spiral droplets – variable number according to the label size. A height-adjustable gluing may apply a thin glue film on the end of the label (depending on the application) before applying it to the rotating bottle, achieving a precise overlap.

On this system Gernep integrates Robatech Hot Glue technology due to its specialized applicator and sophisticated electronic control ensuring a perfect glue distribution on any kind of bottle or container, even when operating at maximum speed.

Robatech Hot Melt Glue Nozzle
The Hot Glue Nozzle system uses spot-spraying to the bottle and to the end of the label ensuring minimal glue waste and secure wrap label adhesion.

Hot Melt Adhesive Consumption

The consumption of any Hot Melt machine really depends on a number of variables, notably the operator’s choices with regards to glue patterns, pump pression, bead length, and other settings. Often cutting the total amount of glue consumption relies on the application pattern or ‘stitching” – sometimes reprogramming  the output pattern can cut your consumption by half.

Of course, selecting adhesives with appropriate properties for your application will go a long way to minimizing glue consumption and will affect downtimes and maintenance costs. Cleaning your dispensing system also goes a long way to improving your efficiency and impacts the longevity of your dispensing unit.

Hot Melt Adhesive Consumption Metrics

Consumption metrics observed by the Dimachem team since operating the Rollina Hot Melt Cut & Stack Rotary labeler.


Bottles/Month: 240 K

Bottles/5 Months: 1.2 M

Bottle Sizes

Size: 4.25 L

Size: 5.18 L


1 kg: $7.25

55g/label: $0.04


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