Crafting Elegance with Transparent Labels | Gernep Labeling
Pressure-sensitive rotary labelers like the Soluta can help you achieve the "No-Label Look" to make your product stand out. Transparent labels and films inherently cause any bubbles or creases to be obvious, Gernep specialises in tailored application processes to ensure the illusion of labeless branding is achieved at high production rates.
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Crafting Elegance with Transparent Labels

Image of Runamok Products

Crafting Elegance with Transparent Labels

Mastering Transparent Labeling

In the heart of Cambridge, Vermont, Runamok is a family-owned business that has redefined the art of syrup-making. Their unique story is one of craftsmanship, innovation, and commitment to quality. The visionary founders, Eric and Laura Sorkin, began this journey 15 years ago by tapping into the essence of maple trees to create something extraordinary. Today, Runamok stands as a testament to the beauty of innovation and the elegance of simplicity, particularly in its pioneering approach to product labeling.

Acheiving an Elegant No Label Look

Runamok’s distinctive glass bottles are a key part of its branding. The distinctive transparent film labels give a “no-label look” that match the elegance of the flavors inside. In 2021, the company sought a way to scale up production without sacrificing the quality and detail of their product design. They reached out to Jean-Francois Biron at the North American Gernep offices, the rotary labeling machine specialists would need to work to perfect the labeling application onto the uniquely squared glass bottles. Samples were sent out to the German head office where technicians worked on the rotation and wipedown to achieve the bubble-less application sought by the maple syrup producers.

Example of Runamok Branding

Transparent Film Labeling: A Vision Brought to Life

Runamok’s signature bottles feature a transparent film label, embellished with what resembles delicate etchings that narrate the story of the contents. The etchings coupled with the transparecny of the labels allow the beauty of the amber liquid inside to shine through. The visual is as distinctive as the taste of the syrup itself.

The challenge was not just in maintaining the aesthetic appeal but in overcoming the technical hurdles associated with transparent film labeling. Bubbles and creases, more visible against the dark backdrop of the syrup, posed a significant risk to the overall sophistication of the product. Gernep’s solution? A deionization unit integrated into the labeller to neutralize electrostatic charges, ensuring smooth, flawless application.

Precision and Quality

Gernep made modifications to accommodate Runamok’s unique needs. These adjustments included accommodating the uncommonly long labels for multi panel labeling, with the label being applied onto 3 of the 4 straight bottle surfaces. By integrating sponge pad material for precision application the result was a labeling process now met Runamok’s exacting standards, with tolerances so precise that they elevate the product’s presentation to an art form.

A Symphony of Flavor and Design

Runamok’s journey from a humble start to becoming a beacon of quality and innovation in the specialty food industry is a story of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The transparent film labeling not only represents a technical achievement, but also embodies the brand’s commitment to beauty, quality, and transparency. Every one of Runamok’s syrups, is reminder of the elegance and craftsmanship that defines every drop.