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Rotary Labeling Technology Demystified

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Rotary Labeling Technology Demystified

Precision meets efficiency with Gernep Rotary Labeling Machines. Discover how Gernep Labeling’s cutting-edge technologies are setting new standards in various industries, from beverages to cosmetics. Uncover the secrets of choosing the perfect labeling method to skyrocket your production and brand recognition in today’s competitive market.

Labeling Technologies for Industry Demands

The manufacturing landscape is constantly changing, it  cannot be overstated enough that efficient and effective labeling is the only way to keep up with global standards but also plays a pivotal role in brand recognition and consumer trust.

As a front-runner in advanced rotary labeling machinery, Gernep has a rich history and a deep understanding of industry needs which spans three decades. Specializing in crafting high-precision labeling machines tailored for diverse sectors, from the bustling world of food and beverage to the meticulous demands of chemicals and cosmetics, Gernep’s technologies are designed to meet the unique challenges of each industry.

Whether it’s the delicate touch needed for wine and spirits or the robust, durable requirements of pet food packaging, Gernep’s suite of solutions, including pressure-sensitive, hot melt, and cold glue labeling systems, are well adapted to enhance efficiency and adaptability in any manufacturing setting.

Labeling Technologies: Choosing Wisely

Selecting the right labeler and labeling technology, such as pressure-sensitive, hot-melt, or cold glue, can be a make or break decision. A labelers capacity to label non-stop to follow production speeds while avoiding excessive rejected products directly influences your facilitie’s overall efficiency and speed. There is also a significant impact on cost management given that each labeling technology varies in label, energy and maintenance expenses. While there is a difference between the three types of label application, Gernep’s Rotary labelers have all been optimized to minimize energy and to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Labeling quality is our main focus as it is essential for maintaining a brand’s image and affects the product’s presentation and appeal. We ensure technical service from the first, to ensure settings and adjustments are set for specific product requirements and set to mitigate any unavoidable environmental conditions. Regular preventative maintenance and adjustments with our technical service technicians ensure that your machne is at its peak operational status and producing at top speeds with precision.

Therefore, the right choice of OEM and labeling technology has a profound effect on operational efficiency, costs, product quality, and compliance.

Labeling Technologies: A Comparative Snapshot

Looking to get a  concise overview of the key characteristics of pressure-sensitive, hot melt, and cold glue labeling techniques?  The chart below illustrates differences in speed, cost, material compatibility, and industry suitability, along with durability and environmental impact. This quick-reference guide is designed to easily compare and contrast the labeling technologies offered in Gernep Labeling Machines.

Image featuring a comparative of labeling technology features

Rotary Labeling Technologies Explained

Pressure-Sensitive Labelers

Pressure-sensitive labeling technology is a pivotal labeling technology in modern manufacturing due to its versatility and ease of operation, particularly in high-speed applications. This method uses labels often referred to as auto-adhesive or pressure-sensitive which have pre-applied adhesive. The adherence to products is achieved when pressure from brushes and rollers is applied, eliminating the need for solvents or heat. Gernep’s Soluta is Gernep’s P-S labeling Machine is an excellent cost-effective choice for high-speed

and large-scale production environments. Known for its adaptability, the Soluta labeler can handle a wide range of product sizes and label designs, making it ideal for industries with diverse packaging needs like cosmetics and food. This flexibility is coupled with user-friendly operation, ensuring quick changeovers and minimal downtime.

Pressure-Sensitive technology has become a preferred choice across various sectors, including food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for several reasons.

Versatility: Easily handling a variety of label materials and designs including translucent fils, foils and more.

Efficiency: Designed for high-speed applications, the Soluta can run non-stop when housing two or more applicator heads.

Ease of Use: Gernep includes user-friendly HMIs requiring minimal training and allowing for quick parameter recall setup and changeovers.

Quality and Precision: Repeatability is key to maintaining product consistency. Camera-assisted product orientation is an interesting option when aligning a label with another or container feature.

Reduced Costs: Lower operating costs are possible as they do not require additional adhesives, solvents, or heat.

Sustainability: Many PS labels are made with eco-friendly materials, appealing to environmentally conscious brands and consumers.

Hot Melt Cut & Stack

Hot-Melt Labelers

Hot melt labeling technology featured in Gernep’s Rollina or Rollfed, involves applying a hot glue to secure a paper label onto a container. This method is suitable for high-speed requirements and can use either cut & stack (Rollina) or roll-fed (Rollfed) labels. This process provides the advantage of strong adhesion and durability, making it ideal for beverage and chemical industries where product handling can be rigorous. Labels applied using hot-melt glue are resistant to moisture, temperature variations, and rough handling,

which are common conditions in these industries. This ensures that labels remain intact and readable throughout the product’s lifecycle, from manufacturing to consumer use. Additionally, the robustness of hot melt labels is particularly beneficial for products stored in challenging environments, like refrigerators or outdoor storage, common in the beverage and chemical sectors.

Hot Melt Cut & Stack

Cold Glue Labelers

Cold glue technology involves applying a water-based adhesive to a label before attaching it to the container. This method is often preferred for glass bottles and is popular in the beverage industry, particularly for wine and beer labeling. The advantages of cold glue labeling include lower costs and a reduced environmental impact. 

Gernep offers cold glue labeling solutions, such as the Gernep Labetta, which are designed for precision and

efficiency. It’s cost-effective solution that also offers aesthetic appeal. Glass bottles and jars often feature a traditional, high-quality look that align with the branding typically desired in the wine and spirits industry. Additionally, cold glue labels are easily removable, making them convenient for glass recycling, an important consideration in these environmentally conscious industries.

Advanced Labeling Solutions for Industry Trends

The choice of the right labeling method – pressure-sensitive, hot melt, or cold glue – is crucial to smooth-running operations. A high-end machine with the correct choice of labeling technology ensures consistent and accurate label application – essential for maintaining product quality and brand image. The right machine will provide efficiency gains by positively impacting downtime & maintenance. Looking ahead, the trend in the manufacturing sector is more flexible, efficient, and environmentally friendly labeling systems.

If you’re looking to enhance your production efficiency with the right labeling solution, we encourage you to reach out to us for a personalized consultation. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the perfect fit for your specific industry needs. 

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