Soluta Rotary Labeler for the Wine and Spirits Industry | Gernep Labeling
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wine and spirits

Soluta Rotary Labeler for the Wine and Spirits Industry

The wine and spirits industries being highly competitive, the use of truly versatile packaging machines can make the difference to position yourself advantageously against the competition. With this in mind, Gernep has developed the Soluta rotary labeling machines, which can apply self-adhesive labels to almost any shapes and sizes of bottles.


Get the versatility you need with servo-driven bottle plates


When entering the labeling machine, the bottles are separated by a feed screw and transferred to the plates with a star wheel, where they are held in place between the plates and the centering bells. On conventional rotary labeling machines, the plates (with the bottles above) are rotated mechanically, either with cams or with a toothed belt for round containers. On the Soluta rotary labeling machine, the rotation of each plate is controlled by an independent servomotor, fully adjustable and programmable from the HMI (touch screen). Because each bottle shape requires its own rotation model, rotary labelers with servo-driven plates are the ideal equipment for your bottling line so you can easily label new bottle models.


Master rapid format changes with Herma label applicators


With the popularity of the no-label look, pressure sensitive labels are a popular choice, especially for liquor bottles. Herma has a reputation for offering the most advanced label applicators on the market and Gernep uses Herma H400 applicators on all of its pressure sensitive rotary labelers. These modular label applicators offer a variety of configurations for roll size, label size and dispensing speed. But above all, the Herma servo-controlled label applicators are perfectly integrated into the main control of the Soluta rotary labeling machine and all the parameters are memorized by the PLC for rapid format changes.


Bottle orientation with precise positioning on high speed


Whether you need to orient the body label with an embossed mark on the container, a glass seam or another label, Gernep offers different ways to orient the bottles. For simple applications, a photocell to detect a mark may work, but sometimes a more sophisticated camera system may be required to perform 360-degree mapping of the container and send a command to the bottle plate servos to position the bottles before label application. Thanks to the B&R automation control platform, the response time is incredibly fast, allowing high-speed labeling and repeatable labeling placement precision on each bottle.


Multiple label application and continuous operation


The Soluta rotary labeler is available in several configurations, allowing zero production downtime set-ups. Up to 8 Herma label applicators can be installed on the same machine. There are endless possibilities for you to apply multiple different labels to the same product, or to run continuous production using redundant label applicators to change label rolls without stopping production. In addition to the labels affixed to the body of the bottles, labels may be applied to the top of the caps, such as tamper-evident labels or excise tax strips.


Serialization and traceability ready


Gernep rotary labelers with servo bottle plates are designed to integrate inspection and printing equipment. High-end products like some wines and spirits are at risk of counterfeiting. Serialization is the benchmark to fight against counterfeiting by allowing tracking and traceability of products in real time at an advantageous cost.

The implementation of a traceability process from your factory to the end user will guarantee the authenticity of your products and will minimize diversion, counterfeiting and fraud. To learn more about serialization and traceability, visit the Optel Group website.