Gernep Soluta | Gernep Labeling
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Gernep Soluta

Pressure Sensitive Labeler
Pressure-sensitive labels on round bottles
About This Project

Self-adhesive labelling from the roll

The new rotary labeller generation with optimised operating and safety design for all labelling options for beverages, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

With this flexible rotary labeller concept, we are in a position to rationally label many different containers made from glass, PET, plastic and metal with up to 8 labelling aggregates with self-adhesive labels from the roll.

The advantages of SOLUTA

  • Round design with improved access and optimised operator protection
  • The label material is fed in by a PLC controlled servo drive for maximum labelling accuracy
  • The dispenser parameters are adjusted directly on the device or via the machine touch panel
  • Robust, torsion resistant tripod for label dispenser with adjusting scales for precise and repeatable dispenser / label positioning
  • Reliable detection, even of transparent and shiny label material
  • Different clearance heights for the label and carrier material can be selected (optional)
  • Compact dispenser design for improved access during equipping and loading
  • Automatic detection of label tape pre-end and label tape end
  • Pull-out carriages for the label dispensers make it easier to replace and refill label material (optional)
  • Motorised winding and unwinding for increased machine throughput and long label formats (optional)
  • Non-stop function with 2 dispensers per label, free-standing loop pre-winder or free-standing automatic splicer for uninterrupted continuous operation (optional)
  • Different roll plate diameters can be selected for longer operating times without changing material (optional)


Performance range

Our labelling machines are standard machines and customised individual solutions whose performance and configuration are adapted to the respective requirements.

Additional equipment

Because of our flexible machine system, additional equipment for special container orientation, additional labelling and label control can already be taken into consideration at the planning stage or retrofitted.