Front & Back Pressure-Sensitive Labelers | Uniquely Shaped Containers
Gernep's Soluta is a rotary pressure-sensitive labeling machine excelling in handling uniquely shaped bottles. This model can label bottles on tapered, recessed or protruding surfaces that are difficult to handle with linear labeling machines. The rotating bottle plates facilitate manipulation and orientation to expertly handle any original design with speeds reaching 80 containers/minute.
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480 2SK SD Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machine



Icon representing Pressure Sensitive Label Technology
Front & Back Pressure-Sensitive Labeling for Unique Container Shapes


Tailor-made for businesses seeking an efficient, accurate solution for uniquely shaped containers, the Soluta model stands out as the pinnacle of labeling technology. Perfect for distinctively shaped jars and containers with recessed or protruding surfaces, the Soluta’s advanced bottleplate technology facilitates controlled rotation of containers, ensuring labels are applied seamlessly and effectively, enhancing product appeal and brand recognition.


Its versatility also extends to expertly handling tapered shapes, such as champagne or wine bottles, where the transition from body to neck is more pronounced. This model excels in applying neck rings and other embellishments, employing a wipe-down motion from the center to the edges—a task beyond the reach of linear models. This technique ensures a flawless finish.


Designed for adaptability, the Soluta can manage a variety of shapes and sizes, making it an invaluable asset for businesses with diverse product lines. With the capability to store up to four format recipes, the machine guarantees perfect repeatability. Easy recipe recalls allow for quick changeovers, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.


The Gernep Soluta Labeling Machine is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a solution designed to elevate your product’s market presence. With its unparalleled precision, versatility, and ease of use, the Soluta model is the ideal choice for businesses aiming to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether you’re labeling teddy bear honey jars, wine bottles, or any uniquely shaped container, the Soluta ensures your product looks as good as it tastes.


Capacity of up to 80 containers/hr

Constructed with stainless steel

Welding for torsion and vibration resistace

Helical gears for reduced vibration, larger force & minimized wear

PLC controls and intuitive HMI

Servo-controlled container plate rotation

Fallen container detection system

Remote assistance

Label detection sensors

Rejection flap

Rejection flap and 2-lane divert lanes


Soluta 480 S2K Pressure-Sensitive Labeler


Intuitive operation

Servo-driven bottle plates

Servo-driven bottle plates

Multiple Label Application and Non-Stop Operation

Camera, sensor or mechanical bottle orientation

Inspection, and rejection of faulty labels

Serialization & Traceability


Rounded frame design with improved access & optimized operator protection

Servo motor fed labels for maximum labeling accuracy

Touch panel applicator parameter adjustments

Large diameter roll supports for longer runs without changeovers (optional)

Reliable detection of transparent & shiny label material

Label applicator configuration for tall labels up to 12” (optional)

Compact label applicator design for easier set-up, roll changeovers, and maintenance

Redundant function with two label applicators per label or automatic splicer for non-stop operation (optional)

Label applicators on sliding track for easy roll changeovers (optional)

Motorized label applicator unwinder and rewinder for high-speed & long labels (optional)

Heavy-duty supports with dial indicators for quick label applicator adjustments

Automatic detection of low or end-of-web on label rolls

Range of machines

Our portfolio of rotary labeling machines includes standard designs as well as highly customized systems. When others say it’s impossible, Gernep steps in to listen and make it happen.

Optional equipment

Our rotary labelers offer a vast array of configurations and options depending on your application. Whether you need bottle or container orientation, multiple label applications, printing, coding, or inspection, we’ve got you covered!


Self-adhesive labeling from the roll

For paper and foil labels, also as transparent or metallised materials. The labels are released and transferred under servo control with extremely high precision. Various systems can be optionally supplied for non-stop operation.


The wide variety of labeling options allow you to react quickly to market trends, label cups for promotions, push win codes and competitions, vary barcodes and even affix special leporellos without high energy costs or constraints for technical reasons.


As well as visual enhancement utilizing high-quality labeling – with matt or gloss printing, surfaces with gold or silver embossing or labels with “no label look,” everything to do with label design is quickly and rationally possible.

Performance range

Our GERNEP CUPBLOCK system with modular construction kit is a customized solution whose performance and configuration is adapted to individual requirements.

Additional equipment

Because of our flexible machine system, additional equipment for particular container orientation, supplemental labeling, and label control can already be considered at the planning stage or retrofitted.