Pressure-Sensitive Labelers | Self-Adhesive Labels
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Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machine

The Soluta Pressure-Sensitive Labeler delivers a highly cost-effective solution for labeling almost any shape or size of food, beverage, healthcare, or non-food container at up to 200/min speeds. Users will enjoy the nearly limitless possibilities of compatible labeling materials and graphic options such as shape, size, and finish.

Built with one or more servo-driven pressure-sensitive label applicators, this machine features a user-friendly PLC for easily recalling recipe parameters. Switching between different packaging formats is quick and straightforward, and minimal cleaning is needed since no adhesives are used in the application process.


Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machines have a slightly higher initial cost a bit more than Cut & Stack labelers. However, this disparity is promptly balanced out by the more affordable label size parts, faster changeovers, and reduced cleaning times.


SlimDesign streamlined design

SecurLift all-around verticle lift security guard

ServoMotion (main drive, labeling units, screws, bottle plates)

Constructed from Stainless Steel

Fully Automatic Rotary Labeler

VPN for remote assistance


Additional Label Applicator (non-stop labeling)

Label Presence Detectors

Coder or Printer

Rejection System

Spare Parts Kit

Spare Parts Trolley


Low format parts cost

Shorter changeover times

Shorter cleaning and servicing times

Innovative, exclusive, label designs feasible

Processing of No-Label-Look labels

Allow water-resistant plastic labels

Possibility of combining with other modules

Customized infeed and outfeed conveyors

Image of a Pressure-Sensitive Label Dispenser

Pressure-Sensitive Label Applicator

Compact Design

Large touch display for intuitive operation

Toolless label roll replacement

Speeds reaching 200m/min.

Label sensor with autoteach function


GERNEP – Pressure-Sensitive Labelers