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No-Label Look

No-Label Look

No-Label Look

Sleek and Fresh No-Label Look

The no-label look is achieved using a clear film substrate applied with pressure-sensitive technology. The no-look provides a cost-effective way to mimic the sophistication of silk screening or etching on the bottle’s surface – an excellent trompe-l’oeil that provides a more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious feel. These eye-catching minimalistic labels also offer a nearly unobstructed view or a clever interaction with the product while meeting all regulatory demands.

The no-label look has gained momentum in the consumer products category, especially in the beverage, personal care, and household products industries. The beverage sector, especially breweries, formerly labeled mainly with paper labels & cold-glue technology, are increasingly turning much of their production to pressure-sensitive labeling.

Benefits of the No-Label Look

Every consumer product manufacturer hopping onto the bandwagon has two fundamental interests, which PS labeling meets: increased consumer appeal & reduction in labeling costs.

Consumer Appeal

Because consumers are increasingly interested in product quality, ingredients and sourcing – transparent labels seem to provide that first impression of transparency that clients crave. The clean and simple graphic design speaks loudly and allows the consumer to make associations before reading ingredients or additional product information. With over 40,000 products competing for attention, it seems counterintuitive to bombard your potential client with overly “complicated” labeling.

Reduction in Cost

Labeling affects production costs, and Pressure-Sensitive Labeling is one of the most cost-effective. The actual linear or rotary labeling equipment improves productivity but also provides low start-up and label size parts costs. This technology also allows manufacturers to achieve non-strop labeling, multiple labeling stations, extremely fast changeovers, and nearly no cleaning!

No-Label Look Labels

Transparent labels are barely noticeable and are just one type of pressure-sensitive label that is used for a wide array of product types. The face stock used to achieve the “no-label” look is made from transparent film and can be printed with a variety of inks and embellished with opaque or iridescent finishes. The adhesive chosen will depend largely on the container material and conditions under which application occurs. These types of labels do not require the use of heat, solvent, or water for the application process.

Reliable Labelers & Service

Gernep is “More Than Labeling” because we free you from the worry and anxiety of choosing a top-of-the-line solution that works and provides expected results. Count on our knowledgeable team to provide personalized advice and reliable support long after closing the sale.


It is possible to customize your labeler with more than one station or labeling technologies (cold glue, hot melt, and/or PS technologies) to achieve multiple label placements in one run. Additional options also assist with stability, orientation, foil application, and even dating or coding.

Bartling GmbH specialised in the production of plastic cup packaging for the food industry has partnered with Gernep to modernize its outdated labeling machinery and enhance its container labeling portfolio....

With Gernep's Soluta, Runamok mastered the sophisticated "No-Label Look" that sets them apart from the competition. By partnering with Gernep, they've overcome technical challenges, ensuring each bottle is a testament to their dedication to excellence....

The no-label look has been a favorite among many manufacturers for a few years now. It is a cost effective solutions and provides a sophisticated way to differentiate yourself in way that consumers appreciate....

Pressure Sensitive Labeling appeal is growing as they adapt to shifting market trends as well as offering the perfect balance between cost, brand appeal and efficiency....

Effective September 1, 2021, the province of Québec’s Recyc-Quebec banned the use of shrink sleeves. The switch to pressure-sensitive labeling will have an immediate impact improving the sustainability of beverage packaging and th “Closed Loop” recycling process....