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Dimachem has been providing chemical solutions for various applications since 1972. A recent expansion led to the acquisition of a rotary hot melt labeling machine to complete a packaging line dedicated to producing a new line of disinfectants.
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New Generation Labelers: SlimDesign featuring SecrureLift

SlinDesign Labeler

New Generation Labelers: SlimDesign featuring SecrureLift

With nearly 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing labeling machines, GERNEP has released its new generation of labelers: SlimDesign featuring SecureLift security guards. Gernep is constantly innovating to offer services that enhance the uniqueness of your products. Using in-depth consultations, we gain a deeper understanding of your product and your specific needs, allowing us to provide you with tailored solutions.

SlimDesign – A new Benchmark for Gernep

We have finally launched our new generation of revolutionary combination labeling machines which offer a higher degree of accuracy and precision. The SlimDesign model with SecureLift guards provides a higher level of safety for your products and operators.

Our extensive experience on the labeling scene across European, North American, and Central American facilities has helped us innovate by developing a combination machine that is more compact, efficient, and safe – making it ideal for a wide range of labeling applications across multiple industries.

Less is More – the Compact Labeler SlimDesign and SecurLift

We know that space is a valuable commodity, especially in population-dense areas. Every inch of floor space comes at a high cost to most manufacturers, so packaging & labeling equipment running at high rates and occupying less space will maximize profitability. With this in mind, we designed machines with a smaller overall footprint by using SecurLift security guards that slide upwards rather than outwards to exploit unused vertical space.

Time is Money – Easy Labeler Changeovers and Premodular Combination System

Time spent making adjustments often generates costly downtimes that manufacturers wish to avoid, so we have integrated a new feature calles “premodular unit suspension”. Our premodular units give manufacturers the flexibility to move the gluing units around the machine table, they can be attached to the suspension units positioned every 5 cm. This flexibility allows ou to reorganize current labeling stations or integrate any combination of new gluing technologies onto your rotary labeler. The HMI easily handles the enabling or disabling of any variety of the label applicators to process personalized labeling “recipes”. Toolless changeovers are also a great feature on the new generation machines, empowering even the most novice operators.

Raising the Bar – SecureLift Heightened Labeler Security

Security is always a top priority in manufacturing. A front-line operator’s work may seem simple. However, jugging many tasks requiring careful attention and rapid execution can be the perfect combination for accidental injuries. Our on-the-floor observations lead us to enhance the new generation of Gernep machine with improved security features. The new SecurLift guards protect workers better when the machine is running, and also feature outstanding accessibility for painless maintenance and cleaning. The SecureLift guard is easily lifted verticaly using just one hand, thanks to our newly developped Pull System.

A Cool Addition – Brewery Labeler Model Cold Glue Machine

We recently revealed a new hot melt machine with a hygienic design commissioned and designed explicitly for the Faust Brewery, a 350-year-old brewery in Germany’s Rhine-Main region.

Contrarily to the older Gernep model that had been running for the past 15 years, the newly designed Hot Melt machine has improved user-friendliness with a freshly designed touch panel to adjust settings, speeds, cycles & formats.

The major advantage of the improved machinery is the double hot melt gluing systems which are mounted externally and can be adjusted at any time without stopping the machine mid-cycle. Another notice-worthy aspect is the premodular labeling station suspension unit, which safely encloses all cables under the stainless steel wipe-down surface, making the machine more hygienic and appealing.

A Focus on Quality Labeling Machinery

Continuous development is at the heart of living up to the Gernep motto “More than Labeling”. Our pursuit of exceptional quality and service involves coming together with clients old & new to keep up with the rapidly evolving needs of manufacturing professionals. We want to stay ahead of the curve, providing the most well-adapted labeling solutions that open up more opportunities for our clients!

SlimDesign Labeler at DrinkTec 2023
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